Here are some lovely comments from our customers:

“Rob advised and built us our dream of a kitchen, down to every last thoughful detail it is as functional as it is beautiful.”
- Joy & Tony Say, Eltham

“You’re only likely to fit bespoke carpentry in your home once and so it’s imperative to work with someone who listens and understands what’s required. Rob does both. He was very sympathetic to my needs, and my budget, but the real joy was his ability to take my concept and develop it further, which makes his carpentry even more rewarding. Great job, great service, great chap!”
- Mr Duncan Copp, Blackheath

“It is very easy to be seduced into settling for mass produced furniture that is immediately available yet overpriced and often of inferior quality. If you are looking to create a high quality finish to your home, investment in specific custom pieces will help you achieve this end. Thankfully Rob Read is able to deliver on your aspirations with a standard of craftsmanship that is second to none where the only limit to his creativity is your imagination! We are delighted with all the pieces Rob has created and feel assured they will stand the test of continual use over time.”
- Grahame & Jenny Pursey, Blackheath

“We are delighted with the work that Rob undertook for us. The cabinetry he designed and installed in our bathroom and utility room is of the highest calibre and reflects real thoughtfulness and craftsmanship.

We would happily bring Rob in again to help us with projects in the house.”
– Mr & Mrs Pexton-Shaw, Blackheath